The 7 Best Electric Fat Tire Bikes

Best Fat Tire Electric Bikes

After comparing 7 of the best electric fat tire bikes from top manufacturers, we found the best cheap fat tire e-bike is the Rad Power Bikes RadRover 5. With the Bulls Monster E FS, our best premium money is no object fat tire e-bike.

In this article, we compare price, power, speed, range, and safety. There are many good fat tire electric bikes, and the best for you will depend on whether you want to just hit the muddy trails, cross a sandy beach, trek through snow, or going hunting, so keep reading to find which one you should choose.

Bulls Monster E FS Fat Tire eBike

Bulls Monster E FS

The BULLS MONSTER E FS would be our choice of premium fat tire bike if money was no object. It comes with the 250-watt Bosch Performance Line CX, one of the best mid-drive motors.

It stops via Magura hydraulic disc brakes with quad piston calipers. It is a comfortable bike with full suspension, Rock Shox Bluto upfront, and Monarch at the rear.

Wheels are quick-release for easy transport and maintenance and covered with Jumbo Jim 26 x 4.0 inches tires to give even more comfort and stability.

The Monster is rated class 1, allowing it to be used on more mountain bike trails, with a max speed of 20 mph / 32 kph and a range of up to 134 miles / 215 km on a single charge with optimal conditions.

The 11-speed drivetrain offers 11-40 tooth cassette, which means that starting from standstill and climbing will be a lot easier. Available in two frame sizes 46 cm and 51 cm and is very light at just 56 lbs /25 kg even with the full suspension.

Bulls also sells a comparable Monster ES for those who don’t need full suspension and are happy to save 4 lbs / 1.8 kg of weight and $500 cost.

Haibike XDURO FullFatSix 10.0 Fat Tire eBike

Haibike XDURO FullFatSix 10.0

The Haibike XDURO FullFatSix 10.0 is another premium class 1 rated fat-tired mountain bike. The drivetrain is powered by the 250W Yamaha PW-X2 motor and 500Wh lithium-ion battery pack with a top speed of 20 mph / 32 kph and a 110-mile / 177 km range.

There is a selection of five power modes with battery status and trip data. There is also a walk function to assist when pushing up a hill if the going gets too steep for your skills.

Suspension action is well controlled, front and rear with RockShox Bluto RL and Deluxe Select Plus, and TRP G-Spec S twin-piston brakes to stop in a hurry. Riding becomes all year round in snow or sand with the 4-inch Jumbo Jim tires on 26-inch Alex Blizzerk wheels.

Surface 604 Boar Hunter Fat Tire eBike

Surface 604 Boar Hunter

The Surface 604 Boar Hunter electric bike has a powerful 750 peak watts Bafang hub motor giving it the perfect blend between power and efficiency. This is a purpose-built fat tire electric bike designed with hunters and campers in mind.

With a max speed of 20 mph / 32 kph, using the pedal assist or the throttle. This makes the 604 Boar a class 2 rated electric bike, which might be restricted in some places.

The Surface 604 Boar electric bike runs on a 48-volt system and comes stock with a 10.4 amp hour battery (there is a 14 amp upgrade), giving a max range of 35-45 miles / 56-72 km, respectively. The battery is also locking and removable so it can be charged separately from the bike.

The Boar is made from 6061 aluminum alloy and weighs in a relatively light 58 lbs / 26 kg. An LCD color display is located in the handlebars’ center and offers speed, distance, battery level, and more.

Stopping power is handled by Tektro Auriga hydraulic disc brakes. Comfort is only from the 26 x 4.5-inch tires as it comes with solid front forks. If you want to go hunting, there are pre-drilled bosses for a front rack, and it comes in a matte Kryptek camouflage to blend into the wilderness.

Biktrix Juggernaut Ultra 1000 Fat Tire eBike

Biktrix Juggernaut Ultra 1000

The Biktrix Juggernaut Ultra 1000 is a versatile fat tire electric bike. This electric bike is totally customizable when you buy it, with a variety of tires, batteries, forks, and brakes which means the price can vary depending on your choices. You even have the options for a rack, fenders, and street tires rather than fat tires.

This is a powerful bike at 1000-watts with a torque sensor that provides 1500 watts of peak power with an LCD display showing a watts bar, speed, and voltage. The battery is removable with a key to bring it into charge.

The Juggernaut is well constructed, and the SRAM NX is a great gear set. The chainstay length is long, but given the range of tires it supports, it needs to be. Axels are quick release with custom spacing 135mm front and 190mm rear, which will make it hard to find stock wheels.

The Juggernaut 1000 is in the middle of the Bitrix range. They have the cheaper Juggernaut HD and Juggernaut Classic or the more expensive ultra FS and Ultra Eagle to cover everyone’s needs and price range.

Rad Power Bikes RadRover 5 Fat Tire eBike

Rad Power Bikes RadRover 5

The Rad Power Bikes RadRover 5, as the name suggests, is the 5th generation full-sized, high-step, fat tire electric bike. Rad Power is a company that was at the origins of the fat tire uprising.

This is a stable and capable bike on all-terrain, especially on soft trails, sand, and snow on its 4-inch wide knobby tires with puncture protection. It features a curved top-tube, short, sturdy stem, and mid-rise handlebar for comfort.

Power is delivered from a 750-watt Bafang motor, this throttle on-demand class 2 certified bike has a range of 25- 45 miles / 72 km and a top speed of 20 mph / 32 kph. The RadRover 5 has adjustable suspension forks with preload adjust for heavy loads and lockout for smooth terrain.

LED lighting provides 80 lumens at the front. The rear sits on the included fender and offers solid mode, blinking mode, and bright mode activated under braking.

The LCD display panel is reasonably large, has adjustable backlight brightness, and offers a USB charging port built into the bottom. The battery charges in 6 hours and slide rack use three bolts to attach to the frame ensuring a solid battery with no rattle, unlike some cheaper e-bikes.

Juiced Bikes RipCurrent S Fat Tire eBike

Juiced Bikes RipCurrent S

The Juiced Bikes RipCurrent S is sold in three frame sizes and three colors with a 1,050-lumen front headlight custom-designed rack and fenders.

Powered by a Bafang 750-watt motor, the RipCurrent S is capable of Class 3 performance with torque-sensing pedal assist included. A top speed up to 28 mph / 45 kph with a range of 40-100 miles / 64-160 kn.

With the RipCurrent S, you get three battery capacity options, two 48 volts, the third at 52 volts, and a 5-7 hour charge time. All come in the same shell and are semi-integrated into the downtube for a lower center of gravity.

The LCD display gives you more precision with a 9 bar battery infographic compared to other affordable displays of 4 or 5. The screen is a little on the small side but does have an in-depth menu and backlighting, which is sufficient and less prone to damage.

One minor let down is rear light power. It’s not wired to the main battery pack using disposable AAA batteries. You’ll forget to switch them off and with an electric bike without a light!

iGO Electric Core Extreme 2.0 Fat Tire eBike

iGO Electric Core Extreme 2.0

The iGO Electric Core Extreme 2.0 is another affordable fat tire electric bike that is packed with features. It comes with durable plastic fenders, a sturdy rear rack, and integrated lights.

The Extreme also has an extra-sensitive cadence sensor protected in a mid-frame box and a custom frame with a semi-integrated downtube battery pack. The battery charges for 5.5 hours on and off the bike and connects securely but does not have a key.

iGO offers pedal assistance and throttle on demand. Still, it does not have hydraulic disc brakes, a USB charging port, color, or size options.

This bike has sturdy 12 gauge spokes with 4-inch knobby tires that are very off-road capable and a 500-watt Bafang hub motor with plenty of power (750-watts peak) for trail riding or commute to work.

The Core Extreme 2.0 comes in only one size. The stem is a little short, but with some angle adjustments combined with seat post height, it’ll fit most body sizes.

What is A Fat Tire Electric Bike?

What is a Fat Tire Electric Bike?

An fat tire electric bike sometimes called a fat e-bike or fat tire e-bike is an off road electric bike with what looks like oversized comical tires.

Typically 3.8-inches or larger, up to 5-inches, these e-bikes are designed to allow riding on soft, unstable terrain, such as sand, snow, mud and bogs.

What are Fat Electric Bikes For?

Fat Bikes were initially designed to ride or roll across sand, snow, mud, wet roots, rocks, and other terrains. This is commonly known as ‘Floatation.’

This is no longer the case as the vast majority of fat bikes are ridden on the regular trails that you ride any mountain bike on. As they make great bikes for exploring, backpacking, or riding singletrack at any place, and will guide you through extraordinary experiences.

You can ride a fat bike pretty much anywhere as they offer a fantastic amount of grip with their tractor like traction tires. They are an alternative to suspension bikes and should not be as a way to soak up the bumps.

Why Ride a Fat Electric Bike?

These wide tires allow the rider to tackle near impossible terrains such as deep sand and snow while giving the feeling of riding on air.

Floaty Fat Tires

How floaty do you want your electric fat bike to ride? The principle choice here is 4-inch tires or bigger. Not many riders are well served by tires bigger than 4-inches.

Unless you are buying the e-bike for a specific experience and are mainly riding on deep sand or snow, don’t get into the temptation of the fattest tires possible. They’ll be extremely sluggish and bouncy and will quickly turn into becoming not much fun and reduce your range.

As you can see from our top picks, most 4-inch tire fat e-bikes offer the complete fat experience with hardly any drawbacks or compromise.